If you are interested in volunteering for the 2017 festival we would love to hear from you. If you love short films, indie films, experimental films, new filmmakers, and want to be involved, we’d love for you to be a team member. To do so, please contact us by emailing volunteer@visff.com

Please provide the following information:

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Unfortunately, the Festival will not have the opportunity to respond to every applicant. Selected applicants will be contacted via phone or email.

Thank you in advance for your interest in working with the 2017 Festival.

Volunteer Coordinator Positions:

Festival Director – Karla Duarte
Responsible for the success of the Festival
Chairs Organizing Committee and manages all coordinators
Creates budget
Sets sponsorship rates
Liaises with print coordinator for sponsorship packages
Sells sponsorships
Applies for grants
Organizes after-party
Organizes Fundraiser
Communicates with Sponsors
Hires and manages MC

Promotions Coordinator – Hilary Eastmure
Sits on the Organization Committee
Creates media plan for the year
Writes Press Releases
Purchases and organizes Newspapers and bus ads
Liaises with Designer  Coordinator for ads, posters and electronic imagery
Contacts TV
Contacts Radio Stations
Updates our website and contacts other websites
Manage social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube)

Submissions & Show Coordinator – Greg Brown
Sits on the Organization Committee
Selects and chairs the Selection Committee
Selects and chairs the Judging Committee
Creates submission form
Creates and maintains submission catalogue
Contacts local filmmakers and communities
Liaises with filmmakers about tech & submission
Compiles Films for selection and judging committees
Books Venue
Writes Show Script
Creates and puts up show Signage
Organizes Front of House
Liaises with Designer to print tickets
Picks up tickets from printers Distributes tickets to vendors
Picks up tickets from vendors
Liaises with Promotions Coordinator for ticket giveaways
Liaises with Organizers for comp tickets (keep list of comps)
Sells Tickets at the door

Volunteer Coordinator – Tracy Vandermolen
Recruits and manages show volunteers

Design Coordinator – Sarita Mielke
Creates graphic design for electronic and print materials
Liaises with other Coordinators

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