10th annual Vancouver Island Short Film Festival a huge success

The tenth annual Vancouver Island Short Film Festival (VISFF) was a huge success with more than 770 people in attendance at three shows on Feb. 6 and 7.

“I couldn’t be more happy with this year’s VISFF,” said Festival Director Johnny Blakeborough. “We’ve been working hard for months preparing for the festival and wanted to make sure our tenth year was something special. With record breaking attendance and such a great response from our audience, it looks like we succeeded.”

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Student Filmmaker Returns to VISFF

Steff Gundling is no stranger to the Vancouver Island Short Film Festival. The filmmaker, who was awarded two prizes at the 2013 VISFF for her very first short film ‘Year Of The Living Dyingly’ will be showing her new documentary ‘Habit’ on February 6 and 7 at this year’s tenth annual show.

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Local filmmaker to challenge VISFF with black comedy

Linley Subryan belongs to the class of filmmakers unafraid to step outside the box to promote their work. He seems equally relaxed when pretend-chasing our photographer with a gun replica in the hallway of his apartment building as he is wearing skin-baring caveman suit to the festival opening night. Subryan currently lives two lives, alternating between what he calls his “survival” job in Nanaimo, and pursuing his acting and filmmaking career in Vancouver. His newest short film, a black comedy Just Shoot Me, will be showcased at the 10th Annual VISFF on February 6 and 7.

linley subryan photo

Just Shoot Me is an autobiographical story which depicts a typical day in the life of an auditioning actor. Subryan allegorically portrays the relationship between the actor and his agent as a mobster-client arrangement, in which the client begs to be “shot”.

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An emotional ride with Todd Jones

One of the perks of local film festivals is the opportunity to see the familliar faces of returning artists.This year, The VISFF welcomes the return of award-winning filmmaker-multitasker Todd Jones showcasing his fifth short film, a twisted dark comedy At Death’s Door.


When asked about the beginning of his love of filmmaking, Todd Jones travels back 20 years in memory to his student days in a TV production school.

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