Nanaimo Entertainment Centre – January 21

Best Film: It Haunts Me
Directed by Richard J. Olak
This is a touching drama, in which a young man is haunted by the painful memory of his girlfriend.

Best Writing: 30 Minutes or Less
Written by Graham Stark, Paul Saunders
This film noir comedy is about Johnny, a gritty, hard boiled pizza delivery man whose luck has finally run out.

People’s Choice: Suspend Your Disbelief
Produced by Graham Stark, Paul Saunders of LoadingReadyRun.
This short film is a musical that explores how ridiculous musicals really are.

Technical Production: Orchid and the Rose
Mark Benard and Dennis Tal at Lost Boys Studios.
Beautifully portrayed in 3D animation, two seeds sprout side by side and grow into an orchid and a rose.  A tragic love story set to haunting music.

Original Music: The Moment
Music by Gary Cramer
This is the courageous and deeply moving story of one man’s journey to make peace with himself after a life altering experience. In a matter of seconds, your life has changed forever. Would you still be the same person or would you look inward and ask yourself the hard questions?

Best Performances:
Starring Hayley SalesIt Haunts Me
and Andrew Cownden, Suspend Your Disbelief.

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