Malaspina Theatre – January 29th & February 9th

Best Film: Android 207
By Paul Whittington
A stop-motion animated film about an android trapped inside a large maze. The maze is vast and filled with many surprises.

Best Writing: How to Talk Like a Pirate
Written by Graham Stark & Paul Saunders LoadingReadyRun

People’s Choice: Android 207
By Paul Whittington

Technical Production: Android 207
By Paul Whittington

Original Music: Dictators on a Plane
Music by Ken Biddell
An African dictator hires a wily English mercenary to restore him to power with disastrous consequences.

Best Performance: All May Be Well
Staring Erik Richardson
Brian has a good job, good friends and good life. However, he feels so out of place and disconnected that he is starting to lose it. Cut off emotionally from everyone around him, he searches for a connection with anyone he can find. Maybe today is the day.

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