Malaspina Theatre – January 18th & 19th

Best Film: Sticks & Stones
Directed by de Villiers van Zyl
This documentary takes a journey into the life of a panhandler by exploring the life of one man that lives in absolutely inhuman conditions. But despite these extreme conditions life goes on for this Winnipeg man who has to survive against all odds.

Best Writing: Eyewitness Accounts
Written by Graham Stark & Kathleen De Vere
Several witnesses describe their version of events.

People’s Choice: Eyewitness Accounts

Technical Production: Sticks & Stones
de Villiers van Zyl

Original Music: Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat
Music by Simon Berman

Student Film: Bad Brownie
Chad Schroter-Gilespie
Boy eats suspicious brownie… hallucinogenic consequences ensue. Please note: This is a purely fictional piece.

Best Performance: Brownie Points
Starring Nicole Nattrass
Trixie Veronica. She’s bitter. She’s beautiful. She’s the world’s oldest living Brownie.

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