Malaspina Theatre – January 23rd & 24th

Best Film: WSIM – What Suffered Inside Me
Directed by Jennifer Hardy
The main character sees himself as an incomplete stick figure with a crossed line on his face. He visualizes simple figures wearing horizontal lines on their faces as unable to see his inner self. The feelings of loneliness, unhappiness and falling into darkness create clinical depression. Depression can be invisible to others.

Best Writing: Right to the Source
Written by Graham Stark & Paul Saunders LaodingReadyRun
Sure ice cream is delicious, but where does it come from? This film explains how one company goes to great extremes to yield the freshest and most pure form of ice cream available in your grocery store today.

People’s Choice: Toy-Tal Recall
Directed by Todd Jones
You never know what you will find at a garage sale. TOY-TAL RECALL is a fun comedy that will have you laughing the next time you head out bargain hunting.

Technical Production: Inanimate Objects
Directed by Paul Whittington
When the humans are away the objects will play. This stop animation explores the private lives and inter-object relationships that our possessions have with each other… when we are not looking.

Original Music: You Suck! (currently broken)
Music by Gregory Ball
The sensibility and aesthetic of this short animated film is both raw and crude. The movie expresses a modern, post-punk world full of hegemony and anger. It is part protest and part outcry…the message is clear, we all suck because we all refuse to change our destructive and moronic habits towards each other and our environment

Student Film: Mixscapes
Directed by Ovidiu Morosani
This experimental film examines the relationship between natural and man made environments. The film challenges the viewer’s relationship with what they are watching by juxtaposing moving images with different types of sound.

Best Performance: The Noise Upstairs
Starring Kevin Blatch
Tom’s deep-rooted fear is aroused by a reoccurring noise in his apartment. He hires Herb, a self-made psychologist and noise specialist, who ingeniously and dubiously directs Tom to con- front his worst nightmare.

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