Malaspina Theatre – February 12th & February 13th

Best Film: The Mechanic (IMDB)
Directed by Michael Grand
A mechanic regrets offering his services, free of charge, when the man who saved his life stretches that offer too far.

Best Writing: The Secret of the Sauce
Written by Graham Stark
Once again, Johnny gets pulled back into the dark world of pizza.

People’s Choice: The Piano Player’s Sister
Directed by John Gardiner and Tash Baycroft
When a stranger shows up to an after-hours poker game, no one suspects his real motive for being there – revenge.

Technical Production: The Nastiworths (Clip)
Kristina Durst
In a nonsensical land filled with impossible stop-motion animation creatures, this tale explores the meaning and origin of creativity.

Original Music: Come Clean
Music by The Laundronauts
The Laundronauts paired up with student filmmakers to bring you this “Alice in Laundroland” creation. From a drab laundromat to a world full of wonderful creatures, follow, “Alice” as she finds the music. Clean never looked so good.

Best Performance: Detective Fawkes and the Victim’s Vixen
Starring Frederic Robinson
Detective Fawkes, a private-eye with a wide open schedule, can’t secure a client let alone make his office rent, until beautiful heiress Shea Belle arrives…

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