Bome Gnomeski (Winner Best Original Music) Full Film (vimeo.com) 
Curtis L. Wiebe & Marlon Wiebe (Winnipeg, MB)
Comedy (2:43)
A cautionary tale about a little tree who goes on a bender in the big city.


The First Time We Full Film (youtube.com)
(Nominated Best Writing, Winner Most Promising Performance Rich Travale)
John Gardiner (Nanaimo, BC)
Drama (6:44)
A guy in a coffee shop writes a letter to a girl and describes all their best moments together.


M22 Full Film (vimeo.com)
David Stevens (Breda, The Netherlands)
Documentary (1:00)
Made from the desire to visualize in a clear and concise manner the inner world of a stutterer.


Expect Something and Nothing at Once Full Film (vimeo.com)
Michelle Elrick (Winnipeg, MB)
Experimental (3:36)
Poet Michelle Elrick approaches “home” through blanket forts, poetry, and collected sounds in this stark and beautiful film from the prairie.


Spring! (Nominated for Best Writing and Best Performance) Full Film (EscapistMagazine.com)
Graham Stark (Victoria, BC)
Comedy (2:56)
Spring is basically the best season ever, bro.


Rain (Winner Best Technical)
Shimon Machida (Vancouver, BC)
Sci-Fi (11:29)
In 2030, the wireless internet has become powerful enough to pick up human thoughts and memories through their brainwave signals.


KRUPA (Nominated Best Orignal Music) Full Film (youtube.com)
Raymond Knight (Nanaimo, BC)
Music (5:25)
A 1940s film noir-inspired venture into the dirty underground dealings of the Bananafish Dance Orchestra.


The Magic Ferret (Nominated Best Film) Trailer (youtube.com)
Alison Parker (Vancouver, BC)
Childrens (11:39)
When Sam’s most amazing trick flops, he is deflated but not defeated. With his ferret’s help, he conjures up a different kind of magic.




The Evening Cigarette Full Film (vimeo.com)
Matthieu Van Eeckhout (Paris, France)
Animation (1:00)
Two years after quitting smoking, a filmmaker offers a tribute to his deadly old friend.


Michael Chen & Aaron Colyn (Nanaimo, BC)
Mystery (12:00)
A man will do whatever it takes for his loved ones.


White Rhythms, Short Breath
Olga Zikrata (Winnipeg, MB)
Experimental (6:50)
A direct experience of tactile sensations, film texture, and contact dance.


Backward Fall (Nominated for Best Original Music & Best Technical, Winner Best Student Film, Best Performance, Best Writing, Best Film and People’s Choice)
Andrew Pollins (Vancouver, BC)
Drama (10:14)
June is falling backward through her life. As she slips in and out of her younger selves, she no longer recognizes her devoted husband George.


Seasick (Nominated for Best Technical and Best Film) Full Film (TrailerAddict.com)
Eva Cvijanovic (Winnipeg, MB)
Animation (3:28)
Soaking in the sand, a forlorn figure seeks the refuge of the sea.


NASA Conspiracy Full Film (EscapistMagazine.com)
Graham Stark (Victoria, BC)
Comedy (4:57)
This puts the entirety of the NASA program in a new light.


Floodplain Full Video (youtube.com)
Jeremy Lutter (Victoria, BC)
Drama (10:00)
Rafting across a floodplain in the Rockies, a small-town teen must learn to let go of his childhood sweetheart when she reveals she’s leaving for university.

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