The Dreamer
The Dreamer
Laurence Fortin Gagnon (Vancouver, BC)
Animation  (5:37)
A young dreamer embraces his curiosity and discovers an attraction for the moon, which he longs to reach.


Steff Gundling (Nanaimo, BC)
Documentary (7:26)
Everyone has something that they rely on and something that they find solace in.This film is about the secret things we do behind closed doors, exploring a variety of addictions to discover what makes us do the things that we do.


Smart Home
Smart Home
Carol Phiniotis (Vancouver, BC)
Sci-Fi (6:32)
A man lives in a home with smart appliances and technology, but the devices seem to conspire against him when his heating goes out. Smart Home is one man’s quest to get warm.


Teenage Dance
Teenage Dance
Adam Bentley (Winnipeg, MB)
Drama (2:35)
A lonely teenager dresses up for the school dance and learns that to trust other people, you must first trust yourself.


Alice and Kevin
Alice and Kevin
Sam Vint (Winnipeg, MB)
Documentary (12:00)
Alice was one of the first outspoken First Nations people in Canada, filing a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. Her fight for her son may well end up bringing proper care to disabled people on Reserves all over Canada.


Just Shoot Me
Just Shoot Me
Linley Subryan (Nanaimo, BC)
Comedy (6:10)
A seemingly desperate man with a gun to his head finds temporary redemption when an unexpected phone call interrupts his predicament.


Crazy Love
Mathieu Charest (Montreal, QC) Produced by Helena Marie
Drama (11:55)
Samantha has learned to get through most days by giving into her boyfriend Alan’s torturous, demented requests, no matter how painful or humiliating. Pushed to her breaking point, Samantha must make a decision: to allow the torture to continue, or to take control of her life.


The Pair
The Pair Full Movie (youtube.com)
Graham Stark (Victoria, BC)
Comedy (4:37)
Doing laundry has never been so briefly exciting, and then so enduringly embarrassing.


Good Beastly Bad
Good Beastly Bad
Michael Chen (Nanaimo, BC)
Mystery (11:55)
A murder mystery novelist is tormented by a killer in the motel room next door.


Perpetual Motion Machine
George Bassler’s Perpetual Motion Machine
Berny Hi (Winnipeg, MB)
Documentary (3:30)
Following his family’s untimely demise, prairie homesteader George Bassler bizarrely crafts a Perpetual Motion machine that uncannily echoes Johann Bessler’s 1712 invention, the Perpetuum Mobile. Based on actual events, this film explores obsession and the desire to trick time.


Devon Kuziw (Vancouver, BC)
Drama (9:47)
Dean has been on this drive more times than he’d care to remember – only this time, it’s different. This time, he and his mentor must stand in the face of fear, or turn and run like cowards.


Fingers Cutting Glass
Fingers Cutting Glass
Evan Britz (Delta, BC)
Drama (3:30)
Two sisters caught in a storm.


Project heart
Project Heart – Honouring Residential School Survivors
Ed Carswell (Courtenay, BC)
Documentary (11:56)
Project Heart is the story of an extraordinary school event in Courtenay, B.C. Teacher Susan Leslie leads a school-wide project and ceremony to honour Indian residential school survivors. Project Heart culminates with a school-wide Blanketing Ceremony to honour Verna Flanders and four other survivors.


At Death's Door
At Death’s Door
Todd Jones (Nanaimo, BC)
Comedy (9:35)
This is the story of Owen Baines, who meets St. Zed at the end of the bright light that follows death. But when a second chance at life is offered to him, he does what he can to return to the living on his terms. After all, he’s got a hot date to get back for.

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