4 minutes with Sandeep The Soul Survivor

With the Fundraising Gala around the corner (Thursday, November 19 at the Firehouse), it is time to introduce the king of funk whose DJ set will make the dancefloor irresistible.

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What do you like about 70’s music?
I’m a 70’s baby, 80’s child but just barely — I was born in 1979 so I have a greater connection to 80’s culture. The way I feel about the 70’s is something I see happening in music right now, a lot of young people feeling nostalgic for an era that exists only in their mind. I can listen to records, watch movies and television and read books from that era and create my own little space where everything fits a specific way, almost like a painting.
But getting back to 80’s culture, a lot of the music I grew up listening to — hip hop and electronic music — those early songs sampled music from the 70’s and it forms the backbone of sample culture.

What is your essential 70’s movie?
That’s a tough question, I have a lot of favourites: I absolutely love the pomp of the Godfather; Shaft, The Warrriors and Shoyla were both influential to me as a child, as an adult Sun Ra’s Space is the Place holds a special place in my heart.

Favorite 70’s association?
When Scooby Doo met Batman & Robin.

What are you going to wear to the fundraiser?
Bell bottoms, wide lapels and an ugly not ugly tie.


From the festival archives

You may have heard of the filmmakers whose short films made the list and won awards at our festival in the past few years. Here are just some of the successful names and titles.

Backward Fall – by Andrew Pollins

June is afflicted with dementia, and is falling backward through her life. As she slips in and out of her younger selves she no longer recognizes her devoted husband, George. When June’s dementia propels her to a dangerously irrational runaway attempt, George must take the backward fall with her to protect the woman he loves and keep their love alive.


The Money Pet – by Gary Hawes. Starring Peter Benson and Alan Cumming.

After his mutt accidentally eats some loose change, a man is soon bewildered to discover that his furry companion has passed the currency with compounded interest. A modern day fairy tale, “The Money Pet” is a playful re-imagining of Aesop’s timeless fable “The Goose that Laid Golden Eggs”.
Watch full movie.


The Evening Cigarette – by  Matthieu Van Eeckhout

“It’s been three years since I quit smoking. I had to pay tribute to my deadly old friend ! We all know that smoking kills but we just don’t know how. Death is always a surprise!” says the director of the Youtube-based animated series.

Flood Plain – by Jeremy Lutter and starring Cameron Bright
A film about two highschool sweethearts who learn that love demands sacrifice when they fulfill a childhood promise to raft across a floodplain in the Kootenay Valley. Based on a story by D.W. Wilson.


The Magic Ferret – by Alison Parker
A young orphan named Sam yearns to find a forever home, so he and his pet ferret Booger conjure up a little magic.



Submission deadline is November 1st!

Filmmakers, say no to procrastination!

The deadline to submit your entries to Vancouver Island Short Film Festival is on November 1st.
Submit your films at https://visff.submittable.com/submitThe fee is $30.

Local filmmakers who will not be charged for submitting if they personally drop off their film (on DVD) and a completed entry form to the Nanaimo North Town Centre administration office in Nanaimo located at 4750 Rutherford Road. Entry forms are available online and at the Nanaimo Arts Council office.

All submissions must be made by November 1st 2015 to be considered. The VISFF is a juried show and the list of films to be shown at the Festival on February 12th and 13th will be announced January 1st. All entries must be made online or in person, we no longer except any submissions by mail.

If you have any questions about submitting a film, please email our Submission Coordinator, Zachary Tannar (submissions@visff.com)

Show off your inner glam at the VISFF Annual Fundraiser Gala!

bradybunchdiscoThe Vancouver Island Short Film Festival invites you to the  Annual Fundraiser, this year in the spirit of the glamorous 70’s.

November 19 at the Firehouse Grill.

$20 at the door gets you a drink and appys, but stay for the dinner and close encounters of the third kind with the local talent.
Door prizes, LIVE movie trivia and boogie dancing under the disco ball while Sandeep The Soul Survivor spins the vintage vinyl.
70’s glam dress up is a must if you want to seduce the camera of our photographer Ed Lee or inspire a comment by MC Matt Carter.
So come unleash your inner glam and support the coolest film festival around! (This is an offer you can’t refuse.)

For more information, updates, and to see whether your roller skater crush is going, check out our Facebook event page.