18th Annual Festival Live In Nanaimo - April 21 & 22, 2023
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April 21st & 22nd, 2023
Check out the 2020 Film Festival Trailer!
NEWS   |   February 2, 2020

Opening night of the Vancouver Island Short Film Festival is just days away, and we’re so excited to unveil this year’s trailer! Featuring 25 short films from across Canada and around the world, the 15th annual VISFF is going to be an unforgettable weekend. We have 2 programs, and for just $28 you can attend two screenings to catch all 25 films. Tickets are on sale now through the Port Theatre

Program 1 plays Friday, Feb 7th and Saturday, Feb 8th, and Program 2 plays Friday, Feb 7th and Saturday, Feb 8th. For more information on the lineup and all the films, please visit www.visff.com/event-info/

Huge thanks to Matt Carter and Jocelyn Matwe for creating our trailer, and to musician Phil Hamelin for the original score!