MAY 1 - JUNE 1, 2021
JUNE 2021
JULY 23 and 24, 2021

25 short films were selected for the 15th annual Vancouver Island Short Film Festival (VISFF) that ran in Nanaimo, on February 7 & 8, 2020 at Vancouver Island University.

The festival received a record 227 submissions from 28 countries. The final lineup featured 14 films from Canada, including three by filmmakers living on Vancouver Island, and entries from Mexico, the U.S., Hong Kong, Iran, Israel, Denmark, the U.K., Italy and France.

The selected films were split into two programs and screened twice during the festival. Friday’s screening was followed by a filmmakers Q&A, and following Saturday evening’s screening, was the 2020 Awards Ceremony).

Past films screened at the festival can be found here.



Asteroid Season

Earthstar Smith - Vancouver
Animation (3:59)
In a lonesome frozen land, a feisty hermit lives a charmed life. When an enormous asteroid arrives o...

Bargain Bin Bed

Rob Shaw - Canada
Horror, Comedy (9:39)
A woman is haunted by her poor decision to buy a used bed.


Theo Chasson - France
Drama, Social, Suspense (3:33)
A painting as a single window. Buried in silence, fragments of childhood resurface.


Javad Khorsha - Iran
Drama (15:00)
A soldier faces a dilemma. *Winner 2020 Best Writing Goldie* *Winner 2020 Best Film Goldie*

Such a Small Thing

Shelly J. Hong - Toronto
Drama (9:31)
A woman in her 40's goes back to her small hometown to confront her boyfriend of the assault that ha...

Minor Accident of War

Diane Weis & Piotr Kabat - California
Animation (10:00)
"Minor Accident of War" is based on a true story written and narrated by the man who lived it -- Edw...


Neil Affleck - Toronto
Animation, Non-linear Narrative, Indigenous (4:40)
“Wawatay” is an Oji-Cree word that translates as “the Northern Lights”. The film is an indig...


Shane Book - Victoria, BC
Adaptation (8:32)
A young poet’s final evening with his girlfriend sparks memories of an afternoon spent with his ai...


Ryan Irving - Calgary
Horror (6:00)
Two women desperately try to escape a stalking axe murderer through a city park. Unfortunately for t...


Sapir Danan & Ronalee Israel - Israel
Animation (6:20)
On her birthday, Millie is drawn through her birthday cake into the depths of her pain, loss and con...

Rust Bucket

Mo Wynne & Roddy Hyduk - U.S.A.
Documentary (2:15)
A portrait of an Edmonton-based artist and his unlikely canvas.


Kaayla Whachell - Abbotsford, BC
Drama (12:15)
Laura, a young half Indigenous woman undergoes a conversation with her lawyer Mr. Wilson to determin...


Simon Madore - Toronto
Drama, Silent (10:00)
A washed-up misfit named Peete moves temporarily into a quiet suburb. As he waits for a loved one to...

The Girl/La Fille

Keegan Connor Tracy - Burnaby
Fantasy, Horror (6:45)
A young girl playing in the forest comes across a mysterious curio which transports her to 1920s Fra...

Deepness of the Fry

August Niclasen - Denmark
Animation (4:02)
An absurd existential crisis told through a series of animated vignettes that question "Can anyone t...

Going Up

Forman Howes - Vancouver, BC
Comedy, Crime, Dark (12:06)
Finn joins a hitman on a ride to the sixth floor in the world's slowest elevator.

Square One

Emily Jo Sargent - London, UK
Drama (12:00)
A semi-autobiographical film about the writer/director's experiences of being in a closeted relation...


Wong Hoi - Hong Kong
Drama (8:00)
New bodyguard Chow feels puzzled by a strange woman who shrugs her shoulders, shakes her head and sm...

Nothing to Say

Aubry Mintz - L.A.
Animation (9:35)
Nothing to Say is an allegory in which a recent arrival at the zoo challenges the zookeeper and othe...


Erica Orofino - Toronto
Comedy (5:30)
Katie's about to have a romantic night with her guy but her period keeps getting in the ...

Giltrude’s Dwelling

Jeremy Lutter - Victoria, BC
Sci-fi, Fantasy, Drama (14:30)
When a life or death dilemma comes knocking, Giltrude must look beyond her front door and learn to f...


Fabrice Joubert - France
Drama (13:54)
On a bright sunny afternoon in November, Michael and eleven other children face a life or death situ...

River Therapy

Raymond Knight - Nanaimo, BC
Documentary (6:45)
Richard finds his solitude fishing at the river where he experiences the returning salmon while refl...


Federico Marsicano - Italy
Drama (5:32)
Osuba is a visual expression and emotional trip about domestic violence.

Always Dani

Rosa Carranza - Mexico
Drama, Coming of Age (12:00)
Jaime is a family father that recently found out that his son, Dani, is transgender. In the process ...