MAY 1 - JUNE 1, 2021
JUNE 2021
JULY 23 and 24, 2021



Tash Baycroft - Nanaimo, BC
Cory Monteith (Glee, Kayla, Kyle XY) and Frederic Robinson (Dark Waters of Crime II, Sight Unseen) s...



Drama (10:00)
Jeremy Lutter (Victoria, BC) Rafting across a floodplain in the Rockies, a small-town teen must lea...

NASA Conspiracy

Comedy (4:57)
Graham Stark (Victoria, BC) This puts the entirety of the NASA program in a new light.


Animation (3:28)
Nominated for Best Technical and Best Film Eva Cvijanovic (Winnipeg, MB) Soaking in the sand, a fo...

Backward Fall

Drama (10:14)
Nominated for Best Original Music & Best Technical, Winner Best Student Film, Best Performance, ...

White Rhythms, Short Breath

Experimental (6:50)
Olga Zikrata (Winnipeg, MB) A direct experience of tactile sensations, film texture, and contact da...


Mystery (12:00)
Michael Chen & Aaron Colyn (Nanaimo, BC) A man will do whatever it takes for his loved ones.

The Evening Cigarette

Animation (1:00)
Matthieu Van Eeckhout (Paris, France) Two years after quitting smoking, a filmmaker offers a tribut...

The Magic Ferret

Childrens (11:39)
Nominated Best Film Alison Parker (Vancouver, BC) When Sam’s most amazing trick flops, he is def...


Raymond Knight - Nanaimo, BC
Music (5:25)
Nominated Best Orignal Music at the 2014 VISFF


Sci-Fi (11:29)
Winner Best Technical Shimon Machida (Vancouver, BC) In 2030, the wireless internet has become pow...


Comedy (2:56)
Nominated for Best Writing and Best Performance Graham Stark (Victoria, BC) Spring is basically th...

Expect Something and Nothing at Once

Experimental (3:36)
Michelle Elrick (Winnipeg, MB) Poet Michelle Elrick approaches “home” through blanket forts, po...


Documentary (1:00)
David Stevens (Breda, The Netherlands) Made from the desire to visualize in a clear and concise man...

The First Time We

John Gardiner - Nanaimo, BC
Drama (6:44)
Nominated Best Writing, Winner Most Promising Performance Rich Travale John Gardiner (Nanaimo, BC) ...

Bome Gnomeski

Comedy (2:43)
Winner Best Original Music Curtis L. Wiebe & Marlon Wiebe (Winnipeg, MB) A cautionary tale abo...


Sweet Dreams Norma Jean

Drama (7:00)
“Sweet Dreams Norma Jean” follows a girl seeking revenge for the terror brought forth upon her f...

Tugende Baseballer

Documentary (8:40)
Against all odds, baseball is thriving in Uganda. In 2011, a team from Uganda became the first Littl...

I am not Perfect

Drama (6:15)
A determined boy who just so happens to be into basketball tries to beat a rival but struggles on th...

Vancouver Island Traditional Food Conference

Documentary (7:14)
Every year a different community hosts the Traditional Foods Conference. This year up in Fort Rupert...

Mind Game Demon

Comedy (6:28)
Roxy tries to rebel against her parents. To prove herself, she hangs out in a bad area of town. She ...

Unlock (Winner Best Performance)

Drama (9:17)
People called him the living dead. Ho Jing Man, 35, is a popular author for horror fiction who lived...

Dude, Where’s My Ferret? 

Comedy (12:00)
Skeezix has grown a righteous marijuana plant for the Colorado Cannabis Cup Contest, whose grand pri...

With Dad

Drama (8:00)
A concerned son extends his visit home to take care of his aging father.

A Late Thaw (Winner Best Technical)

Drama (12:00)
When Tara’s boyfriend presents her with the perfect house, memories of a lover who died years ago ...

Kindergarten, Da Bin Ich Wieder (Winner Best Writing)

Comedy (10:25)
When word gets out that up-and-coming TV jingle writer Audrey Ragnarson doesn’t have a complete ed...

Moth (Winner Best Student Film)

Drama (6:14)
A father beckons for his daughter

George Bassler’s Perpetual Motion Machine

Documentary (3:30)
Following his family’s untimely demise, prairie homesteader George Bassler bizarrely crafts a Perp...

Just Shoot Me

Comedy (6:10)
A seemingly desperate man with a gun to his head finds temporary redemption when an unexpected phone...


Drama (11:55)
Samantha has learned to get through most days by giving into her boyfriend Alan’s torturous, demen...

Teenage Dance

Drama (2:35)
A lonely teenager dresses up for the school dance and learns that to trust other people, you must fi...


Documentary (7:26)
Everyone has something that they rely on and something that they find solace in.This film is about t...

Smart Home

Sci-Fi (6:32)
A man lives in a home with smart appliances and technology, but the devices seem to conspire against...


LOST (Winner Best Film & People’s Choice)

Drama (11:40)
A little girl attempts to reunite a lost stuffed animal with it’s rightful owner.

The Home Show

Comedy (1:07)
The home show you bring in when other home shows have failed you.

At Death’s Door

Comedy (9:35)
This is the story of Owen Baines, who meets St. Zed at the end of the bright light that follows deat...

Fingers Cutting Glass

Drama (3:30)
Two sisters caught in a storm.

Project Heart – Honouring Residential School Survivors

Documentary (11:56)
Project Heart is the story of an extraordinary school event in Courtenay, B.C. Teacher Susan Leslie ...


Drama (9:47)
Dean has been on this drive more times than he’d care to remember – only this time, it’s diffe...

The Pair 

Comedy (4:37)
Doing laundry has never been so briefly exciting, and then so enduringly embarrassing.

Good Beastly Bad

Mystery (11:55)
A murder mystery novelist is tormented by a killer in the motel room next door.

Alice and Kevin

Documentary (12:00)
Alice was one of the first outspoken First Nations people in Canada, filing a complaint with the Can...

The Dreamer

Animation  (5:37)
A young dreamer embraces his curiosity and discovers an attraction for the moon, which he longs to r...


Ingrid and the Black Hole

Leah Johnston - Truro, NS
Drama (6:39)


Amanda Strong - Vancouver
Animation (8:00)


Drama (10:00)

It’s All in Your Head

Greg Jeffs -
Thriller (5:49)

Women’s Christmas Night

Commissioned by TG4 and the Arts Council of Ireland in association with Galway Film Centre, "Splanc!...

Lemonade Mafia

Anya Adams - Los Angeles
Comedy (9:02)

Leonor’s Lullaby

Quentin Paquignon - Shanghai
Animation (5:30)
Leonor sleeps quietly in her bed until some gentle creatures, the Bobops, take her on a mysterious j...


Kristin Snowbird - Winnipeg
Documentary (4:44)
A filmmaker explores the transformational experience of a sweat lodge ceremony and grapples with pa...

Descrambled Eggs

Kayla Jeanson - Winnipeg
Experimental (4:14)
Poet Steve Currie grapples with the origins of his existence and limitations of his corporeality. Po...


Drama (10:10)
A ruthless bounty hunter discovers the true cost of revenge.

Reproductive Cycles

John Gardiner - Nanaimo, BC
Comedy (8:47)
A married couple is trying everything they can to have a baby, but the husband is starting to have s...

Me, Baby & the Alligator

Jean Faucher - Montreal, QC
Animation (10:37)
A young couple stop to eat at a roadside cantina in rural Mexico, where the Colonel who runs the to...


Saman Hosseinpuor - Iran
Comedy (4:00)
An elderly couple discovers the power of laughter.


Marius Conrotto - Barcelona, Spain
Comedy (6:29)


David Holechek - Los Angeles, CA
Thriller (11:20)


Carmelo Zucco - Ottawa, ON
Experimental (5:23)
Carmelo Zucco (Ottawa, ON) Shot on wonderful Super 8, Isolamento is a grand culmination of the them...



Shauna Johannesen - Vancouver
Comedy (11:15)


Comedy (9:49)

Do No Harm

Marielle Woods - Los Angeles, CA
Action (7:32)

The Contender

Isaiah Berra - North Vancouver, BC
Documentary (9:23)

Creature from the Lake

Animation (5:10)

Oculus Malus

Comedy (5:16)

Happy Thoughts

John Gardiner - Nanaimo, BC
Drama (1:21)
With only one minute to live, a man turns to his happy thoughts in hopes of finding peace, but will ...

Small World – Milad Kassiri

Raymond Knight - Nanaimo, BC
Music Video (3:43)
Small World is a VISFF 2018 Official Selection.


Sean Osorio - Atlanta, Georgia
Documentary (10:02)
#FAFATL is a VISFF 2018 Official Selection.

Lemon & Elderflower

Ilenia Cotardo - UK
Animation (2:41)
Lemon & Elderflower is a VISFF 2018 Official Selection

Cuba no Vaca

Erik Anderson -
Documentary (3:59)
Cuba no Vaca is a VISFF 2018 Official Selection

Behind Barres

Sophia Bender - Australia
Drama, Dance (12:00)
Behind Barres is a VISFF 2018 Official Selection

Princess Syndrome

Zachary Tannar - Nanaimo, BC
Comedy (4:36)
Princess Syndrome is a VISFF 2018 Official Selection

Just One Word

Jani Lauzon - Toronto, ON
Drama (11:52)
Just One Word is a VISFF 2018 Official Selection.

Films to Break Projectors

Tim Grabham - UK
Experimental (5:07)
Films to Break Projectors is a VISFF 2018 Official Selection


Colin Williams - Calgary, AB
Drama (10:00)
Methodic is a VISFF 2018 Official Selection

Real Artists

Cameo Wood - San Francisco
Sci-Fi (12:00)
Real Artists is a VISFF 2018 Official Selection

This is Inala

Daniel Kooman - Red Deer, AB
Documentary (6:33)
This is Inala is a VISFF 2018 Official Selection



Catherine Parke -
Drama (8:30)
Overwhelmed by the trials and tribulations of high school, Arielle finds refuge in a dangerous habit...


Lucia Bulgheroni -
Animation (8:36)
Inanimate is a classic stop motion short film featuring Katrine and Patrick. When Katrine makes the ...

A Boy’s Fear

Comedy (5:00)
A terrified boy must face a very personal fear.

Fisher Cove

Sean Skene -
Thriller (8:29)
A Fisherman and his dog hunt down a creature that does not belong in Falcon Lake.


Spencer Ryerson -
Dark Humour (8:00)
Following a brutal attack, a young woman's seemingly inevitable fate is rudely interrupted by a piec...


Justin Ducharme -
Drama (12:00)
Positions tells the story of a queer, Indigenous, male sex worker in Vancouver. Note: This film ...

Alternating Current

Rowan Gray -
Drama (7:06)
A woman aging out of a thankless job faces a life of poverty after being suddenly stripped of her ha...

Piece of Mind

Erin Hembrador -
Drama (8:33)
An elderly Filipino man finds a young, distraught woman rummaging through his yard. After realizing ...

The Importance of Dreaming

Tara Audibert -
Animation (11:42)
The forbidden love between an Owl and a Fox drives them away from friends and family as they search ...

Roses and Stitches

Drama (8:10)
Losing a loved one is terrible. When Abigale's beloved is killed, her mad scientist father brings hi...

How to Hide a Dead Body

John Gardiner - Nanaimo, BC
Comedy (11:55)
Two idiots try to hide a dead body before a local gangster finds out what they did. *Winner 2019 Pe...

Living With

Raymond Knight - Nanaimo, BC
Documentary (8:56)
'Living with' is a documentary short film that follows Dexter, a young man who was diagnosed with a ...

The Wrestler

Drama (11:59)
As a masked wrestler, Terry just wants to be seen as a good guy.