18th Annual Festival Live In Nanaimo - April 21 & 22, 2023
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April 21st & 22nd, 2023
En Dehors de Toi
En Dehors de Toi
Kajsa Eklund - Vancouver, BC
Drama (13:21) | Films

When Mia and Sasha are alone, everything is easy. They are free to love each other, uninhibited by their fears and the opinions of those around them. Unfortunately, life isn’t always that simple. When auditioning for the lead role in their studio’s ballet, Mia, a young and ambitious ballerina, avoids her girlfriend Sasha out of fear of discrimination. The two compete for the lead, and to her relief, Mia is given the part. Sasha is still upset, however, and after the audition, confronts Mia about her actions. The fight ends without resolution when Marco, the male lead, walks in, and Mia lets Sasha leave without her.

Upset, Mia attempts to focus on practicing, but when Marco tries to kiss her, she is pushed over the edge. The next day, Mia approaches her ballet mistress, Miss Irina, about the situation, but is waved off. When Marco doesn’t show up for rehearsal, Mia seizes the opportunity to both come out, and to prove her love for her girlfriend, by dancing with Sasha instead.