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April 21st & 22nd, 2023
To Life
Stefanie Gartmann - Germany
Documentary (12:00) | ArchivedFilms

Lene lives in solitude by a fjord in Iceland. She calls herself an “old lady,” but her curiosity and joy in life are reminiscent of those of a child.
Lene is a tanner and saves what the local farmers would throw away: skins, hair, wool. She traces the character of deceased animals and gives them back a new life through her creation. Lene’s sensual joy, her desire to create, her oneness with the elements impress and inspire.
Lene tells of happiness in life in our fast-paced world, which is not easy to find. For her it is in the small moments, in the sensual experience. “We push buttons, we fly on airplanes, and we forget to enjoy the journey.”
“To Life” is more than a portrait of a woman. It is a film that inspires us to reflect on our own alienated, accelerated lives.