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March 22nd & 23rd, 2024
Anton Jøsef

Anton Jøsef - Canada

The eldest son of Austrian and Hungarian immigrants, Anton was born in Toronto and played NCAA Division 1 soccer before giving up his athletic career to pursue filmmaking. After years of shooting wedding videos, Anton had his first breakthrough directing a music video for Canadian indie rock band The Dears, which was featured on Wired Magazine and MTV. Anton’s passion for short format storytelling helped him transition into directing TV commercials across the world. His clients include Starbucks, JEEP, the Asian Games, Century 21, Big Lots! and Samsung. Anton’s short-doc ‘Aftermask’ was featured as the ‘Best of September 2020’ by Shots Creative and screened at numerous festivals. In 2021, Anton’s debut narrative short ‘Break Any Spell’ won the Special Jury Prize for Excellence in Storytelling at the prestigious SCAD Savannah Film Festival and ‘Best Fantasy Short’ at FilmQuest.

Films by Anton Jøsef

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