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Carmelo Zucco

Carmelo Zucco - Ottawa, ON

Carmelo Zucco is an award-winning filmmaker born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. An ardent and driven individual. The pursuit of his dream has been a passionate ladder climb to the top; broken rungs be damned. Joining the Independent Film Co-Operative in 2004, Carmelo has worked in every crew position imaginable. Skilled in all aspects of film production from cinematography to prop creation. Carmelo takes a distinctively hands-on approach to his film making.  Known for building exciting costumes and practical effects for his short films, which have garnered success in the festival circuit, from intricate robot characters to walking on water devices.

When not dreaming of his next project, Carmelo teaches film camera workshops and mentors students creating their first short films. With many opinions on the subject of cinema he has published three articles in “Sprockets,” a local film news-zine. On the subject of moving images, he views the cinema realm as a place to embark on a romance of ideas, giving birth to a vision not merely realized but transcended. As an artist, it’s the only medium through which he can truly express himself.  Revealing the relevance of his life through the confessions of his characters, they help to bare and portray thoughts and emotions too great to possess alone. There is solace in the audience.

Films by Carmelo Zucco

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