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Janet Perlman
Janet Perlman

Janet Perlman - Montreal, Canada

Montreal-born Janet Perlman is a director of short and funny animated films. She was 22 when she completed Lady Fishbourne’s Guide to Better Table Manners (1976) at the NFB. She then made Why Me? (1978) with Derek Lamb, followed by The Tender Tale of Cinderella Penguin (1981). Janet directed Penguins Behind Bars (2003) for Hulascope Studio, which she co-founded with Judith Gruber-Stitzer. For the NFB she examined conflict resolution in Dinner for Two (1996) and Bully Dance (2000). After Invasion of the Space Lobsters (2005) and Monsieur Pug (2014), she made The Girl with the Red Beret, based on a song by Kate and Anna McGarrigle.

Films by Janet Perlman

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