17th Annual Festival Live In Nanaimo - Spring 2022
Submissions Open
November 2021
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On Sale January 2022
Malaspina Theatre, Nanaimo BC
Spring 2022
Sohee Hong

Sohee Hong - Mill Bay, BC

Sohee Hong is a Canadian filmmaker and an actor, born in Seoul, South Korea. She spent 6 years in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia before her family immigrated to Canada when she was in grade 8. She studied theatre, film, and acting at McGill, UVic, and Vancouver Film School. She then went on to InFocus Film School to study Film Production, and “Barrier” is one of her student films she wrote and directed. As a filmmaker, she is particularly interested in the subject of minorities, people with disability and illness, different cultures and languages, education, and religion. And as a dance teacher and dancer on the side, she also has a passion to bring music and dance in her future film. She is currently living on Vancouver Island, BC with her parents.

Films by Sohee Hong

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