17th Annual Festival Live In Nanaimo - Spring 2022
Submissions Open
November 2021
Info Coming Soon
On Sale January 2022
Malaspina Theatre, Nanaimo BC
Spring 2022
Tash Baycroft

Tash Baycroft - Nanaimo, BC

Tash has been involved with the Nanaimo Filmmaking Community for over 15 years.  He has had three films screened at past VISFF events: “Gone” 2007 (starring Cory Monteith), “One Last Thing” 2012 (co-directed with John Gardiner), and he took home the People’s Choice award for “The Piano Player’s Sister” in 2010 (co-directed with John Gardiner). Tash also brings more than a decade of experience in broadcast TV experience working from the Nanaimo bureau of The New VI / A-Channel / CTV as a Camera Operator, Director and Editor until 2011. Since then, he has been Co-owner, Director & Editor with Filter Studios, which currently operates out of it’s downtown Nanaimo office.

Films by Tash Baycroft

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