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2024 Youth Showcase Program

The 2024 Youth Showcase was a program of 17 phenomenal short films made by young filmmakers!

Check back in Fall 2024 for details about the 2025 Youth Showcase! 

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Youth Showcase Program: March 23rd Screening Details:

The Pageant (Maia Cassie, Salt Spring Island, BC)
Thriller/Horror (05:32)
After three vain high schoolers enroll in a beauty pageant, their competitiveness and pursuit of beauty turns fatal.

Past the Time (Tansi Robinson, Nanaimo, BC)
Experimental (06:00)
An experimental film examining our experiences with time.

Promises (Jada Chang, Canada)
Drama (07:00)
Upon discovering a box of childhood memories, a mother is faced with her childhood memories, prompting her to reassess her estranged relationship with her daughter.

I’ll Be Back (Brook DeSchutter, Nanaimo, BC)
Drama (03:29)
I’ll Be Back is a gripping and emotional drama that explores the harrowing journey of a young girl named Clara, who must navigate the treacherous waters of an abusive parent while also caring for her ailing mother.

GRACE (Yun Ko, Langley, BC)
Thriller/Horror (06:03)
Grace, the instagram influencer, suffers from bad comments, who falls into a surreal world of terror. Was the horror real or just a dream?

At First Sight (Leora Ulyana Thornton, North Vancouver, BC)
Drama (01:42)
An unnamed girl is supposed to be on a first date with a guy, but he ends up being a no-show. She gets annoyed, but just as she’s about to leave, she catches the eye of someone else.

Three Colours (Lana Gredelj, Croatia)
Experimental (09:56)
Three Colours is a short film about the perception of life after a personal loss. Using experimental visuals, land-art and soundscapes, the natural world becomes a decor to express the unsayable.

Echoes of Solitude (Tobin Letnes-James, North Vancouver, BC)
Sci-Fi (04:06)
The last man on earth who roams the earth searching for purpose, reminiscent of what the world once was.

Gwich’in Elder: Mary Effie Snowshoe (Western Arctic Youth Collective, Northwest Territories)
Documentary (07:07)
“The fire, the land and the water. These three are our power.”

In this short documentary, Mary Effie Snowshoe reflects on the rich history of the Gwich’in people and how the traditions and ways of life of her people has coloured her life through the years.


School Yard Swindle (Finn English, Nanaimo, BC)
Action (05:55)
A mean boy in middle school has been annoying lots of other kids lately, but why? Find out as the story unravels!

Undecided (Mya Eugene, Nanaimo, BC)
Drama (07:19)
Ally feels pressure to figure out her post secondary plan as she enters her last year of high school. It seems like everyone else has their future planned out, except for her. She is still – Undecided.

Gone (Anthony Gu, Vancouver, BC)
Experimental (2:23)
An experimental film that explores grief and the ghosts of the past.

Syrup (Kyonna Clarke, Chilliwack, BC)
Thriller/Horror (04:23)
A normal breakfast turns into one’s worst nightmare.

A conversation with E (Esabella A.K. Strickland, Taylor Mitchell, Mary Skylar Larkin, Vancouver BC)
Thriller/Horror (05:03)
When a girl playfully responds to a mysterious post-it note, she finds herself unable to escape the conversation she began…

Whispers of the North (Kael Gough-Johnson, Kyonna Clarke, Chilliwack, BC)
Thriller/Horror (06:37)
In a post-apocalyptic world, our main protagonist is on a journey home until he runs into some unexpected trouble.

Beauty (Macy Bryce, Powell River, BC)
Drama (12:32)
As a family struggling with addiction and emotional abuse, Mary must put her daughter Millie as her first priority. This film is all about breaking the cycles of abuse, escaping toxic situations, being brave and finding hope.

Two Worlds (Multiple Filmmakers, Northwest Territories)
Documentary (07:07)
“Two Worlds” was made by Indigenous young people in the north in response to their visions for positive change to the healthcare system and addressing youth mental health.
These films were made as part of the project “Information is Medicine: Culturally Safe Vaccine Hesitancy Reduction Initiatives Driven by NWT Indigenous Peoples” a Hotiì ts’eeda project funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada.